The DIY Open Source Automated Growbox has sprouted


HARVST is a badass DIY Raspberry Pi based automatic growbox with all the bells and whistles at an approachable cost. Our instructions make building your box so easy, even Joe Shmoe can do it. 

Our build & Grow instructions, firmware and app are completely open source because we believe everyone should be able to grow their own food and medicinal herbs. 

Build your HARVST box

Install the code

Get the app & start growing



All the bells and whistles, ultra low cost

With HARVST you get all the bells and whistles at a fraction of the cost – approximately 5x cheaper than the commercial options and you get the satisfaction of building  (or customizing) it yourself. At a total build cost of around $599 for parts, you can justify offsetting the cost with what you grow in no time!

Everything, automated

Here at HARVST, we think lazyness is the mother of invention. We don’t like maintaining plants any more than you do. Weve set out to automate everything from humidity, temperature, pH, PPM (nutrient density), light and watering Cycles. All you have to do plant your seed and swap out your water bucket every 2 weeks (dont worry our app will remind you) and let HARVST do the rest.

Create the ideal growing environment

HARSVT uses heat pads and heat sink fans to heat and cool the growbox automatically, keeping temperatures perfect at all times. Humidity sensors and mister keep the humidty ideal. Control light cycles to create the perfect home for your plant to thrive in.

HARVST app, touchscreen display and camera

Use the free HARVST app or touchscreen on the box itself to customize grow settings and view your plant’s progress from anywhere via the in box camera.

Already grow hydro? Compatible with any nutrient or pH products you already use and love

Already growing hydro and hesitant to leave your favorite products? Our automatic dosing pumps can feed from any nutrient solutions or pH products you already use, so we fit perfectly into your growing setup.

Sensors & Stuff

Ready to grow? Check out our instructions for the shopping list and assembly info

HARVST Is Perfect For Your Classroom

We think HARVST is the perfect classroom teaching aid that bridges many subjects from chemistry, to botany, to building and computer programming. Not only do students have the ability to appreciate the beauty of nature and the growcycle, but also to learn about the following:

Chemistry + Botany

  • pH – Acidity and Alkaline

  • Nutrients + Minerals – plant uptake

  • Microorganism In Water

  • Sunlight, It’s Spectrum and Light Cycles

  • Growing Climate

  • Germinating Seeds

Crafting + Computer Programming

  • Building A Raspberry Pi Based Controller

  • Attaching Sensors + Peripherals

  • Basic Crafting

  • Installing Firmware

  • Coding Firmware Edits (Optional)

  • Updating Firmware + Upgrading Hardware (Optional) 

Help Bring HARVST To Classrooms By Talking To Teachers + Directors